Website Sponsorship Terms & Conditions
Order placement of a PPA Website Sponsorship constitutes an agreement by and between PPA nd the Sponsor.
  1. PPA agrees to display Sponsor’s logo or similar image in a block with approximate dimensions as indicated on the site “Sponsorship” page for a period of 3 calendar months per unit purchases on the Sponsor’s order. PPA agrees to provide a link from Sponsor’s logo/image to either Sponsor’s website.
  2. Sponsor agrees to pay the amount set forth below, IN ADVANCE.
  3. Sponsor agrees to provide to PPA the design for its sponsorship block, said design to be provided in an electronic format (jpg, gif, png, doc, pdf, ppt, pub or tif file) and minimum 300 dpi resolution to us.
  4. PPA reserves the right to approve, deny and/or terminate sponsorship activities at its sole discretion.
PPA Website Sponsorship Order Form
Completing your order is a three step process.
  1. Review Terms & Conditions (Above).
  2. Submit your sponsorship artwork  via email (call us first). Acceptable formats are jpg, gif, png, doc, pdf, ppt, pub or tif file; minimum 300 dpi resolution.
  3. Place your order(s) using the appropriate button(s) below. Doing so constitutes a sponsorship agreement with PPA and acceptance of all Terms & Conditions.
Ads are available on a three month increment basis only.
For assistance or questions, call Bob Pater at 412-736-6593
Sponsorship levels: